Align Your Company with Great Communication + Culture

Learn the secrets to great company culture and get your whole team on the same page.

Make your company a better place to work

Engage your employees

Strong company culture reduces burnout and increases retention.

Clarify your communication

A clear message keeps your whole team on the same page, moving in the same direction.

Share your vision

Defining your shared focus aligns your company toward your True North.

Your company culture matters

Company culture isn't just a business buzzword. It has real consequences for your employees and your bottom line. Great culture is linked to higher employee engagement, job satisfaction, retention, productivity, and lower burnout, turnover, and confusion.

Company culture affects everything in your organization—from how your team interacts to how you handle a crisis. We’re ready to help you build the strong culture you need.

Get the frameworks, templates, and strategies you need, straight from the company voted one of the Best Places to Work in America.

Actionable insights to grow your company

• 8 modules covering the cornerstones of great company culture

• 65+ minutes of lessons in 4K video

• 11 pages of downloadable templates and guides to help build your team

• Memorable frameworks for growing your culture

• Real stories and examples from more than a decade of leadership

Here's What You'll Learn

8 Lessons You Need to Build Great Company Culture

Meet your guide

Hi! I'm John T. Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Lemonly.

After more than a decade spent building small businesses and growing teams, I’m taking what we’ve learned about company culture and sharing it with other leaders—all in one place.

I’m excited to help others learn how to avoid our mistakes and take advantage of opportunities to design world-class company culture.

John T. Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Lemonly
Lemonly team meeting
Find your unfair advantage

Your customers and clients want you to have a strong company culture. Hear stories of how Lemonly’s culture has been our “unfair advantage” in the marketplace.

Lemonly HQ with core value pennants
Homework you'll love doing

Download the actual templates and frameworks we use to structure and assess different aspects of our company culture. You’ll love ’em.

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Learn directly from our CEO

Join the community of other business leaders who are passionate about company culture. You can even bring your comments, questions, and ideas directly to John. (He’ll nerd out with you. Trust us.)