Module 1: Core Values and Core Focus

To start this course we need to ensure your organization has core values and a core focus.

Your core values are what you stand for as an organization. They’re the pillars of your organization that define who you are and help you identify the right people.

Your core focus is your organization’s sweet spot—the reason why you exist. It lies at the intersection of your skills, your passion, and what your customers want. It guides your decision making and points you in the right direction.

When you lock in your Core Values and Core Focus, you set your company’s compass and your True North.


  1. Name your core values: What do we stand for?
  2. Define your purpose: Why do we exist?
  3. Bring your values to life: How do we act, communicate, and work?

Download the handout for this module for exercises to help determine the core values and core focus for your organiation

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