Module 5: Build Your People

One of the worst feelings to have as an employee is stagnation—to feel like you’re not growing, that you’ve gone as far as you can go in your current role. In this lesson, we’ll talk through a framework you can use to build a culture of continuous improvement so your employees are always learning and growing.

A culture that supports continual learning and growth can help employees avoid feeling stagnation and keep your company moving forward. It's important to check in with your team members about how they work best and what their goals are. Knowing how the employee's and company's trajectories align, you can create a shared vision for the future.

Elements of the Personal Growth Plan

  • Who You Are: Your strengths, personality traits, hopes, fears, and values.
  • How You Work: Your tendencies and habits, when you're at your best and worst, your wins and losses, and what's important to you in your job.
  • What You Want: Your goals and future plans.


  1. Identify strengths, hopes, and fears.
  2. Create a plan for growth and continuous improvement.
  3. Articulate a shared vision for the future (employee and company).

Click here to access a fillable copy of the Personal Growth Plan we use with every employee at Lemonly.

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